Tradenet Review – What This Trading Academy Can Teach You

Becoming a successful trader may seem like an impossible task for many people. After all, most people who try trading eventually lose. But still, many successful traders around the globe live out of trading.

Success requires a lot of time, practice, and persistence. Moreover, if you want to increase your chances of becoming an expert trader, you need to learn all the aspects of this business from the experts themselves. That is why you need to have a look at one of the best trading academies on the market: Tradenet.

Tradenet Intro

What is Tradenet?

Tradenet is an online based academy for stock day trading and a live trading room service. It is founded and run by Meir Barak, a professional day trader. It has been among the best trader training academies for 15 years, and it has helped thousands of traders to improve their trading skills and ultimately become successful stock traders.

Tradenet offers complete educational materials on day trading US stocks, various helpful trading tools, and private mentoring during all the different stages of learning. Moreover, when enrolling to this trading academy, you will get the chance to choose from various funded account programs.

Who is Behind Tradenet?

Meir Barak is the founder and the head trader of Tradenet. He is an expert trader as well as a very popular stock investor in the UK that has gained thousands of follows around the world. Barak also acts as a professional mentor in the academy and has helped thousands of people reach their goals during these last 15 years.

Even more, what makes him different (even better!) than any other trading gurus is his trustworthy and his transparency in everything he does. Every trader can find his valuable information on the Tradenet academy as well as on his YouTube channel where he shares daily live streams and many videos on different trading topics.

In addition, Meir Barak is the author of the best-seller book “The Market Whisperer: A New Approach to Stock Trading” in which you can find various profitable trading strategies and methods to help you out with your journey to becoming a successful trader.

On the other, it is true that the tact and expertise of Meir Barak are important factors that made Tradenet among the best trading academies, yet we shouldn’t give him all the credit. There is a team of professional traders and mentors behind that run the academy alongside Barak. They provide educational materials and act as mentors for Tradenet.

The different members of the team are:

  • Scott Malatesta: The Vice President of the academy with a great history of mentoring traders worldwide. Also, he handles the training quality, profitability, and account management.
  • Amir Barak: An expert day trader with a successful mentoring history since 2009. Risk management is one of his favorite teaching areas.
  • Gil Paz: A trader, analyst, and mentor who is well-known in the German market as well due to his excellent language skills.
  • Michael Orevi: A specialist in US and EU stocks as well as in Forex.

With such an excellent and high-quality team, there is no doubt that the Tradenet is among the greatest trading academies worldwide. These elites always try their best to satisfy the needs of the members and guarantee a prosperous future for every trader.

What are the different Training Programs?

There are four training programs in Tradenet. Each one of these programs has specific features and specializes in a particular trading topic like Forex and stock trading, so make sure to pick the right one for your needs and learning purposes.

  • Intro Program

If you are a beginner and about to start learning the basics of trading, this is the right program for you. For $500, you will get access to online trading courses and a vast library of training videos as well as other educational materials. This self-study course is very flexible as you will have the opportunity to choose the time, place, and the intensity level.

Also, you will get access to the live trading chatroom of Tradenet where you can find helpful tip and information from the experts that will certainly help you out during your first steps in the process of trading learning.

Moreover, you will be eligible to apply for a funded trading account with a total value of $14,000. Also, you will get 70% of the profit that you generate during your learning process. But still, you are susceptible to get banned if you lose more than $700 in trading.

  • Student Program

In addition to all the learning features of the intro program, you will get access to a month of mentorship sessions and the Star Trader Course when you enroll in the Student Program for $3,000.

Besides, you will be eligible to apply for a funded trading account with a total value of $80,000. Also, the level of profit rises to 75%, and the loss tolerance increases to $4,000.

  • Expert Program

This is the right program for experienced traders who have been in the game for a while and have great knowledge about the basics of trading. The Expert Program costs $6,000 and offers access to the Forex Trader course where you will get all necessary information and tips for more efficient trading with highly calculated investment risks.

Also, there is two months of mentorship sessions as well as the ability to apply for a funded trading account of $160,000. This time, the profit level increases to 80% and the loss tolerance rise to $8,000.

  • Pro Program

Pro Program is the last and the most valuable Tradenet program. According to the academy itself, this is the complete program that will turn any novice trader into a professional, successful trader.

For $9,000, you will get access to the Top Trader Course which has been developed by the top Wall Street traders. After completing this course, you should be ready to generate enough profits to live out of stock trading. Besides, the Pro Program offers three months of mentorship sessions.

As for the funded accounts, you will be eligible to apply for a $240,000 account. Both the profit level and the loss tolerance increase respectively to 85% and $12,000.

Tradenet Products

How Does it Work in Real Life?

When enrolling to one of the Tradenet programs, you will get a training package and a 14-days demo training account. Also, you will get full access to the live trading chat room where you will get the chance to discuss with the different team members and Meir Barak himself.

Once you are finished with the courses and the demo account, you will get a funded account from TEFS that will allow you to start trading without any deposit. That money is on loan and belongs to TEFS, yet you can keep a decent percentage (between 70-85% depending on the selected Tradenet program) of the total gains. Also, you will be susceptible to a permanent ban if you lose a certain amount of money (you will get notified of the overall loss tolerance once you start trading).

Are the Funded Accounts Worth it?

There is a funded account for every on the Tradenet programs. Let’s get to know more about the funded account of the Intro Program with a total value of $14,000. Also, when enrolling to this program, you will get 70% of the total profits with a loss tolerance of $700.

This means that the total worth of the account is $700 with a leverage of 20:1. Moreover, given the commissions, minimum margins, and the typical occurring losses in trading, there is a high chance that any trader can lose $700.

But still, you will get a full training package, educational materials, and much more. If you are truly dedicated to the learning process and motivated enough to get into the world of trading, you will undoubtedly boost your chances of winning.

Tradenet Funded Accounts

What are the Trading Strategies of Tradenet?

  • Momentum

Momentum trading isn’t suitable for every trader, but it is a considerable part of the trading philosophy of Meir. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t opt for the Momentum strategy.

Besides, before adopting this trading strategy, you should pick one of these market stocks as they tend to perform very well with the Momentum: IQ, DBX, BILI, CLP, PS, GOOS, and NFLX. You shouldn’t opt for this option if you are a mean-reversion trader or trading stocks in a roaring uptrend.

  • Consolidation Breakouts

A breakout is a psychological condition on the market, in which the price action leaves the consolidation limits to adopt a new price direction. The price essentially heads sideways with the ups and downs at the same horizontal level in the consolidation zone. When it is performed correctly, this strategy can generate high profits for the traders.

You will get the opportunity to explore the consolidation breakouts with the help of the different team members as well as Barak himself. With the right guidance and mentorship in Tradenet, you can successfully start earning high profits within a short period.

  • Gap & Go

Gap & Go is the preferred trading strategy for Meir Barak. You can find various videos on his YouTube channel in which he adapted this particular strategy.

It is mostly used by experienced traders, who have been in the trading business for a long time. The aim is to take advantage of the market gaps in your chart, in which the price of stocks rises or drops even when there is a few or no trading occurring in between. So, an experienced trader can spot these gaps and knows how to use them to increase the profits further.

How is the Tradenet Trading Chat Room?

The trading chat room is operated by the whole team, including Meir Barak. That is what makes it one of the best trading chat rooms on the market where you can find valuable information and analysis of different stocks of the day.

Typically, the chat room opens 9:30 am New York time and starts with a pre-market analysis, and then Barak himself or one of the other team experts call their stock list. As a Tradenet member, you can see all the different stock list, and you can pick the right stock that matches your needs and interests. You can receive feedback from the analysts as well.

Moreover, Meir shares his desktop feed in which every member can see how he is doing with the trades. He shares the live stream for about 4-6 hours a day, every day.

On the other hand, Tradenet offers a 14-day free trial for the trading chat room after filing the contact details. It might seem like a great idea, but it has some drawbacks. First, every new member will profit from these 14 days as much as possible by asking a lot of questions and all. You may ask, what is wrong about that? Well, most of these new members are beginners, and you will a lot of awkward questions and misunderstandings. So, you may take a while to find some useful information from the experienced traders and team members.

Additionally, the trading chat room subscription is separated from the other Tradenet programs (it is accessible for quite some time when enrolling to any programs). It costs $399/month or $2,990/annually.

Tradenet Chatroom

Final Thoughts

There are various videos, books, blogs, and live streams in Tradenet. Even more, you have the opportunity to join an excellent trading chat room hosted by one of the greatest traders around the world, Meir Barak. Also, the Tradenet’s trading programs are beneficial for all traders from all experience levels.

It may seem more expensive than other trading academies, but Tradenet is worth it and will undoubtedly help you achieve your ultimate dream of becoming a successful trader.