Penny Stock Egghead Reviewed

This is our Penny Stock Egghead Review.  If you’re looking for the official Penny Stock Egghead site click on the link below.

Penny Stock Egghead Official Site

I ran across Penny Stock Egghead when I was looking for alternative investment options.  I really don’t trust my financial future to long term investments in the stock market any more.  But short term investments that I can manage myself had me intrigued.  I was curious about penny stocks, especially when I saw the potential for triple digit returns of 435% and higher.  I did my research, looked into several training programs, newsletters and software products all claiming to be the holy grail of penny stock picks.  This is my Penny Stock Egghead Review.

Penny Stock Egghead Review – What it is

Penny stock trading can be very lucrative, yielding extremely high returns.   But penny stocks can be very risky, with less than 3% of all penny stocks yielding profits.  Anyone wanting to trade penny stocks needs to do a lot of due diligence on each prospective trade, or purchase the information.  Penny Stock Egghead is a weekly newsletter that has done all the pain staking research and data crunching on each stock it recommends.

The mastermind behind Penny Stock Egghead is Nathan Gold, a self-proclaimed math nerd.  He puts any prospective penny stock through a rigorous, week long, 17 point test he calls Gold’s Gauntlet.  From there he’s able to weed out the 97% losers and come up with the big winners.  If a stock passes his test, Nathan passes the pick on to his subscribers.  He’s picked stocks that have returned gains of 435%, 566%, even 1150% and higher.


Penny Stock Egghead Review – What I Liked

I like that Penny Stock Egghead is designed to be easy to understand and execute, even if you’ve never made a stock trade in your life.  The Penny Stock Egghead approach is pretty simple.  Their wealth creation formula is based on making just one trade a week, building your wealth systematically with a risk aversion plan.  The Penny Stock Egghead newsletter provides one top pick each week.  Other programs I looked into deliver from three to a few dozen picks each week.  That can be pretty confusing, forcing the investor to make decisions.  It can be risky as well,  To me, that’s not simple, or easy.  I much prefer the Penny Stock Egghead approach.

Penny Stock Egghead Review – What I Didn’t Like

The information on the Penny Stock Egghead website is a bit dated.  We are out of the Great Recession, although the economy is not all the way recovered even if the stock market has.  In fact, we are experiencing a bull market at the moment.   However, the simple fact is, the stock market did crash and pulverize the savings of millions of investors, like me, and there’s no reason to believe that it won’t happen again.  The principles behind investing in penny stocks are constant no matter what the market is doing.  That’s why I like the concept of penny stocks.

Penny Stock Egghead Review – Final Thoughts

Penny Stock Egghead provides a common sense, risk averse approach to penny stock trading. The program also offers an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  You can use the program for 2 months, make live trades or paper trades, which ever you prefer, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund.  I think that’s a testimony to the quality of the information.  You can become a member of Penny Stock Egghead for a one time fee, not a monthly subscription.  I think Penny Stock Egghead is a great value for anyone interested in short term investing in Penny Stocks.

If you’re ready to make some money trading penny stocks check out Penny Stock Egghead

High Yield Investments

High Yield Investments

High yield investment penny stocks carry the potential for an extremely high rate of return on your investment. They are classed as high yield because if a stock is trading at $1 and then moves up to $2, that’s 100% profit! Talk about a high yield investment!

So you’re thinking…wait, this sounds too good to be true. Well, yes, partly. You have to remember that the potential of extremely high returns is accompanied by the fact that they carry high risks as well. High yield investing sure is great, but make sure you are comfortable with making such moves with your money, because whether they are suitable for you depends on how much risk you are willing to take (obviously the more you know about a company and the market landscape when making an investment, the more any risks can be mitigated).

High Yield Investment – Know Your Investments

Don’t leave choosing your high yield investments down to luck.  Put it this way; if you fail to educate yourself to know all the ins and outs of the companies you are investing in, then you may as well just be closing your eyes and picking a company out of thin air. That’s called gambling.

Make Yahoo finance your best friend! Failing that, at the very least keep up to date with checking OTC markets, or, if after researching no or little information can be found, why not just give them a call?

High Yield Investment – Why Are Profit Gains So High?

How and why do these companies offer such high returns on investments? Companies that are available for investment in penny stocks are typically small, and not rock solid; are usually growing, or reshuffling, and generally considered at a greater risk of defaulting.  Therefore, they are willing to pay a higher yield than larger, more established companies, to attract investors and reward them for taking a risk on their business.

High Yield Investment – Looking To Make A Quick High Yield Return

Penny stocks are a popular option for people looking to make a quick return in growth on their original investment. However, don’t act hastily and put all your money into one place hoping for one big return. Four 25% profit returns are safer options and a better strategy overall than just hoping for one huge 100% profit gain. Small gains on several high yield investments that happen on a regular basis are better than waiting for a one-off extremely high yield.

If you want to learn more about penny stock investing, Penny Stock Egghead is the best program we’ve found.  You can read our Penny Stock Egghead Review on this site.

Short Term Investment

Short Term Investment

If you are looking to invest, your best short term investment could be penny stocks.  Penny stocks are stocks that trade at a very low price per share, usually ranging from a penny to five dollars. They offer a high risk, high reward strategy, incorporating shares in small, lesser established companies, many of which are working their way up the company rankings and hoping to be the next big thing (or at least that is what investors are hoping).  Penny stock investments usually run from a few weeks to no more than a few months.

Best Short Term Investment – Is Investing In Penny Stocks Right For Me?

They are popular because of their accessible nature to everyone. They are perfect for investors who are looking for a short term investment because they can make a profit in a very short span of time, and they offer the excitement of a quick return on your original investment. However, penny stocks by their very nature are riskier than regular stocks because while they have the opportunity to make someone a lot of money, they have an equal opportunity to lose someone money as well.  There is the potential for huge growth on the original investment, because of the fragility of many of the companies invested in, yet this also means that they can go out of business in the blink of an eye. No doubt, these are high-risk investments.

Best Shot Term Investment – How do I choose a company to invest in?

Do your research when planning to invest in penny stocks, however little amount of money you are planning to invest. It can be difficult finding information on penny stock companies because most of them are so small and relatively unheard of, but if you do research on the company, by visiting their website or requesting literature directly from their investor relations department, you’ll be able to get a better idea of where you’re putting your money.

No matter how tempting the short term investment, without knowing anything about your penny stock of choice, you’ll be investing money blindly into a company you know nothing about, and any uninformed investing decision is usually a poor one.

Best Short Term Investment – Pennies Add Up… Quickly

Just because the shares are worth small amounts does not mean you should be any less serious in your search for reputable companies to invest in. Money is money, and people that take a more careless approach with their money simply because the stakes are setting themselves up for failure. You should care just as much about a company that you are investing $10 in as you would a company you were investing $100 in. The best way to deal with penny stocks is to spread your investments between many different companies rather than ploughing everything into one company. Even with short term investments, as the saying goes, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

If you are interested in learning more about penny stocks, Penny Stock Egghead is the best program we’ve found.  You can read our Penny Stock Egghead Review right here on this site.

Investing for Beginners

Investing for Beginners

Are you in a position where you have money to invest and are looking for information on investing for beginners?  Initiating the process of investing your money into stocks and shares can be an exciting but daunting process for a beginner. However, investing in penny stocks is easier than you think and only requires a relatively small investment to get you started.  Read on for our simple investing tips.

Investing for Beginners – Where Do I Start?

First of all, if you are a beginner investor, you want to look into a way to invest your money by setting up an account to do so. This can be through an online share dealing account or through an accredited stockbroker.  Thoroughly research all fees and charges associated with either of these services before setting up your investments through them and check that they are suitable for your level of investing.

Investing for Beginners – How Do I Know Where To Invest?

Research, research, research – this is a key factor in investing. Researching everything you can about a company you potentially want to invest in is so important. With regards to penny stock companies, it may be difficult to find information relating to them as they are generally small, unestablished companies just finding their feet and working their way up the rankings.  Most will be unknown and relatively unheard of, unless you do a little research.

Investing for beginners as well as pros includes finding information about the financial health of a company, looking online and at analytical reports will give you a good indication of how shares are likely to fare. Also, keep an eye out for news articles relating to any companies you are looking at investing in, any takeover bids, any strategic announcements by the company, etc.

Investing for Beginners – Choosing The Right Investment Strategy

If you have a larger amount of money to invest, make sure to diversify. You’ll hear seasoned investors say it time and time again. Diversify your investment portfolio. It is much safer, and much less of a risk to your investments to spread them throughout many companies so it averages out your rate of return and if one company tanks, you wont be put in a precarious position.

Investing for Beginners – When Should I Sell?

Know when to sell your shares to get the best return on your investment. Know when to get out when the going is good and don’t get greedy with your investments. If your investment currently sits at a good price, don’t be tempted to wait for an even better one, as you risk the price falling and then you’ve missed your chance to make a profit. Always look at investments objectively – ask yourself if this is a good price considering what is happening with the company; and has it shown enough growth for me to sell and make a profit?  Follow these investing for beginners tips and you won’t be a beginner for long.

If you want a good resource on investing for beginners, Penny Stock Egghead is the best we’ve found.  You can read our review Penny Stock Egghead Review right here on this site.

Types of Investments

Types of Investments

If you plan to invest in the stock market you need to be aware of the two primary types of investments available.  These options are short term investments and long term investments. Picking an investment option can be confusing, if not overwhelming.  Before making any decision, it’s important to first understand your personal investment goals, and weigh the amount of risk you can tolerate.

Below is a comparison of short term and long term investment options, including the advantages as well of the disadvantages associated with both.

Types of Investments – The Key Differences

The significant difference between the two investment types is the time frame in which they yield profits.  A short term investment is structured to produce a high return on investment in a short time period, as the name suggests.   Long term investments are structured to continue over the course of several years and deliver a slower yet ongoing yield which compounds for increased profits.

Types of Investments – Short-Term Investments – Pros & Cons

The primary benefit of a short term investment is the growth potential happens in a very short time frame, that ranges from just a few weeks to up to a few months.  Market fluctuations can affect the this option, but the upside of short term investments is that you have the ability to manage your money more closely.  Of course you’ll have to maintain a vigilant eye on the stock market to protect your short term investment.

With the two types of investments, higher rewards come with higher risks.  This is true of short term investments where market fluctuation in our volatile stock market can dramatically affect the investment.  Unlike the long term investment, the short term is readily impacted by unpredictable economic and world events due to it’s short life span.  Even though the chances of earning a very sizable profit are great, so are the chances of losing a large part of the investment.

Types of Investments – Long-Term Investments – Pros & Cons

Of the two types of investments, the long term investment has the better potential to earn and distribute income over a lengthier period of time.  The earnings rate is slow but steady, making it more stable and less risky.

However a major drawback of growing your investment slowly is that you don’t profit in the short term.  This is not a good strategy if you need money right away.  Another drawback is that you give up control of your money, as it is committed to the long term goal.

Long term investments often incur fees, usually assessed on the entire value of the investment, thus reducing some of the profits.   You can also expect to see long term investments rise and fall with the fluctuating market. The key is to remember that over time, long term investments are expected to gain and show a profit.

Types of Investments – Weigh the Options

When deciding which of these two types of investments to choose, it’s important to take into account which plan would meet your personal investment needs and goals.  Why are you investing in the first place?

A short term investment may be your best option if your goal is to earn a quick and large return.  Just understand that you will have to manage this investment, and there will be risks involved.  A long term investment would be a good option if you are investing for the future, such as college tuition or retirement.  Just be aware that you’ll see lots of changes in our investment before you see a continuous improvement, and be prepared to pay a firm to manage it.

The key to investing is to know the advantages and disadvantages of the types of investments you are considering. Weigh these with your investment goals, your tolerance for risk, and your desire/ability to manage your investment.

If you are interested in short term investments, we recommend trying penny stocks.  The best penny stock advice we’ve found is Penny Stock Egghead.  You can read our Penny Stock Egghead Review here on this site.