Ivybot Expert Guide Review

IvyBot Built on 9 years of experience with Forex Auto Pilot , and it has averaged 48% profit per month, for 102 months straight. Most users that get it working report a 95% successful trade rate or better. User base of 37,000 (including his Forex Auto Pilot). Private Members forum to exchange ideas and experiences. It has the industries worst customer service level. It did have a nasty bug in release v37, but that was fixed at the beginning of the year.

I recommend the IvyBot Forex Robot – but not because of customer service. If used properly it will work very well. $149 -60 day Clickbank money back guarantee. When you get IvyBot and install it – it has default settings adjusted for you. You are encouraged to watch all the training videos and other materials. Also to join the IvyBot private members forum and read up on it all. And you are encouraged to open demo accounts with brokers to watch it action before you invest money in live trading.

This robot does work, but only after you learn how. And the vendor Marcus Leary is not going to make that easy for you – until he gets even more money from you. These default settings it comes with specify what is the “stop loss” (SL) and what is the “take profit” (TP) points IvyBot will execute your trades at. For example, if you buy a currency pair at a certain price, it will take profits at whatever “pips” it’s set at, and likewise with the stop loss. These default settings have been a trap for some people. For some stupid reason, the release of IvyBot v37 came out with its default stop loss set at 112 (pips).


That is a VERY large loss point, and many people got hurt by it. The optimal setting for stop loss is 35! It has recently been rectified at the IvyBot Expert Guide Review beginning of the year by the release IvyBot v47. Needless to say, this one error in the release of IvyBot created some negative comment around the Christmas period and earlier this year. It was a silly mistake by the vendor – and not one that people could fix themselves because in v37 it was not possible to alter the default setting for stop-loss. While on the subject of negative comment, just because they have such a massive install base, don’t think it is without its troubles.

I am very sure that Clickbank do an inordinate number of refunds for this forex robot and its little brother Forex Auto Pilot. Why? Because they are known to have the lowest service levels you can image. The support forum is moderated, which means an administrator must approve all messages posted – and yep, only positive messages are accepted. Any criticism or complaint is simply deleted which of course drives that user even more crazy. If you send them an email, it will probably end up in the bit-bucket.

The smart way to deal with this in terms of the forum is to seek out smart friends who can guide and assist you outside of the forum. And look outside of IvyBot for your necessary help and advice. The support or lack of it is so bad that it has spawned a completely separate business and mini industry. Also reviewed under another listing on my websiteis Ivy Winner which provides expensive (one off $199 fee) but valuable advice and services to get you running this robot at optimum levels. So, support being at a chronically low level is the one main complaint.

The other complaint is that the live demo account shown on the sales page actually has secret settings, not default settings.That is, the results are real, but the settings are never going to be told to you. The third and last major complaint about this company is that they also try and sell you their competitor’s product too. After you buy this one, you can expect IvyBot Expert Guide Review them to phone you to buy consultancy services, and you will be regularly emailed to buy for example Forex MegaDroid. Amazing, but true story. It’s all about the marketing hype by the idiot vendor of Ivy and IvyBot who only wants to upsell you. He does not and nor will he ever actually care about you.

IvyBot is best known as a “scalper” – meaning that it opens and closes trades within the same minute. Scalping is a core strategy many manual traders use and it can be very effective. I do like this strategy IvyBot Expert Guide Review as my money is not exposed for too long. If you set it up correctly there is no question your IvyBot will make you money. The following are some of the settings you can change in IvyBot; Scalper_UseMM – If TRUE this parameter will allow IvyBot to automatically calculate the lot size for you.