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About Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading LogoWarrior trading is one of the most successful and well known day trading chat room and educational services out there. In addition to the chat rooms themselves, they also offer a live trading simulation for students , as well as daily content for their trading community for free

Warrior Trading was founded by Ross Cameron, who still runs the platform, an experienced trader who can boast pretty impressive results produced with the trading strategy he teaches to his students. In fact, he uploads proofs of his successful trades so that there can be no question about their efficacy.

In this short  review, we will be taking a quick look at all of the most important features offered by Warrior Trading, as well as some of the costs and benefits of membership.

Day Trading Chat Room

The chat room itself is quite a lively place, with as many as 1500 users every morning. It opens at 9 AM, and keeps going until lunch hour. Over the course of the working hours, Ross will chime in, announcing precisely what trades he is making and when. These trades are based on his stock watchlist which is also available to members. Members who are unable to participate in the chat room will be notified of trades over email, so that they may be able to profit too.

Ross Cameron

This is facilitated by a very well designed web conferencing platform which allows users to share their screens with the chat room, as well as to upload stock charts for any trade they intend to make. It is also possible to talk over live audio, as well as to do webcam streams. This is an important aspect to the platform, not so much in terms of the trades that take place, but in the sense that it perpetuates a feeling of community and trust which is very important in environments such as this.

This basica package, which includes access to the Warrior Trading chat room costs $149 per month, but if you follow the trades endorsed by the moderators and members within, you are more than likely to be able to pay for it using the profits alone, and keep a lot of extra profits for yourself as well.

Does Warrior Trading Get Results?

For more experienced traders, the chatroom is not particularly important as a source of inspiration for particular trades. The function of these chat rooms lies more in the notion of community, and the free exchange of ideas within that community. In fact, many novel ideas for trading strategies can be heard on the chat room, and put to the test on an individual basis, before comparing results and taking notes.

Warrior Trading Profits

For beginners, however, these chat rooms provide a learning experience, as they get to benefit from the aforementioned discussion as well. However, with beginners, te focus is on ready-made trades which can help them earn a profit in a safe way. Many beginners find themselves becoming professionals by simply following Ross’s trades for a time, and branching out on their own as their accounts expand.

However, the proof of the pudding is, as always, in the eating. In that regard, Warrior Trading cannot be faulted in any way. There has been a lot of speculation in certain circles that the trades Ross makes are not made with real money, since his profits seem so impressive. However, Ross has allayed all suspicion by providing brokerage transcripts that attest to the reality of the trades.

This focus on transparency is one of the most important identifying features of Warrior trading as compared to other chat rooms, since everything can be questioned, and every claim requires proof. There are many charlatans out there who give trading advice but actually make most of their money from the subscriptions paid by their users, but Warrior Trading should by no means be lumped in with those.

Gap and Go Trade


The warrior trading community is a great way for people who are interested in day trading to get involved in a safe and profitable way. The most important aspect to the Warrior Trading community lies in its impressive and verifiable results, as well as in the patience afforded to beginners and those who are unable to follow the live chat.

If you are interested in getting involved with trading, there is arguably no better alternative than Warrior Trading. It is advisable that all newcomers read the Beginner Day Trading Strategies booklet available to all members, since it provides the baseline for everything that is discussed within the chat rooms. Many people merely follow Ross’s trades, and many have found success doing so, but that sort of behavior is not the point of Warrior Trading. The point is that its users should learn the fundamentals in order to be able to think and trade for themselves within a supportive community, and Warrior Trading provides that in spades.


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