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TheStreet wants to assist its users in making better decisions with better data. They strive to provide reliable information and unbiased reports. In fact, some of the content TheStreet is entirely free. Of course, some other products are for subscribers only. The website is one of the most popular financial media sites, alongside Motley Fool. So, is this service actually worth signing up for? Read on to find out, as that is the question we will definitely come back to.

The Design

The first impression of the website can be overwhelming. In fact, it can be downright confusing to navigate before you get your foothold. However, once you do, you will see the plethora of features it has to offer.

What is definitely recommended to do is use the “Featured Topics” list in the beginning as it is very clear. Without it, the website itself can make you question if you are in the right place. However, once you figure out how to navigate the news you will love how many go out every day. And the best part is that the news part is entirely free. You can have access to the news without having to log in. This is definitely the feature one has to appreciate when it comes to TheStreet.

Everyone can have access to impartial news that come with personal comments from an expert trader, Jim Cramer. You will also be able to follow his blog and twitter account with the news. Given that he is a reputable trader, this is a valuable feature. His full name is James J. Cramer, and he was a hedge fund manager before changing careers. Right now, he is famous for his work as the host of CNBC’s “Mad Money”.

Another design choice is the fact that clicking on the link in the topic will cause it to open in a new window. This means that you can go on scrolling through without having to find where you were before.

The Services and the Costs

Generally speaking, TheStreet will offer eight options for pros and beginners alike. This sounds great, but there is a clear flaw there. It is actually difficult to navigate to the page that will allow you to see these plans.

Unfortunately, you can only check one option at a time. So, finding the best option for yourself if you want to save money is going to take a bit of effort.

However, if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can purchase a bundle with multiple services. This includes bundles of three, five or even every single service. Thankfully, every service except the Quant Ratings can be tested for free. The trial period lasts for 14 days which should be enough to make a decision.

The Topic Archive

The fact that there is an extensive archive of past topics is a great feature. It allows you to access information even if you thought of it years later. Everything is in alphabetical order and this means that finding anything you require is going to be a walk in the park. This is another example of a free service, by the way. So, even if you are not a subscriber you can have at your fingertips a vast amount of knowledge.

The Video Sitemap

Another free service is the video sitemap. It holds numerous videos about the topics a trader might find interesting. There are videos on stock trading, the condition of Wall Street, analyzing the market and many other topics. And, sure, this sounds rather typical, almost every service has educational videos. Well, TheStreet holds over 2.200 pages of these videos.


*Over 20 years of trading history shows that TheStreet has connections and experience you want.

*There is a free trial period and you can use various completely free services without subscribing.

*Feedback from Jim Cramer is a very valuable feature.


*Navigating the website is difficult.

*Lacks clarity about the services and costs

The Verdict

TheStreet offers a service that anyone could appreciate. From novices to pros alike.

However, it is not a perfect service. The design could have been a lot better and there should be more clarity about the services.

On the other hand, once you master the use of TheStreet, it should become a valuable asset in your day trading. The costs of the services are highly customizable and depend on what you choose to take. However, they all seem rather reasonable.

If nothing else, the existence of the trial period means that you can test the services with nothing to lose. This service deserves to be checked out for sure.

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