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A stock trader must keep up with the news if he or she wants to be successful. And while there are trade platforms out there that are updated regularly, a neat news feed working in real time always proves useful. Therefore, stock news hosting tools like The Fly on the Wall are everywhere. So what makes The Fly stand out? Read on and you will find out shortly.

The History of the Fly on the Wall

A service with largely positive reviews, The Fly on the Wall was founded in 1998. From that period onward, stock brokers and investors have been using it for two full decades and counting. The Fly has its headquarters in Summit, New Jersey, USA. Its additional offices are in New York and Argentina, making it both a national and an international stock news feed service.

At the moment there are two functioning websites. The old one,, is still active. However, if you want to subscribe, you must do so at the new website,

Features of The Fly – Why Choose It?

As a trader, you would do wise NOT to miss out on the latest stock news. A platform that provides them in real time helps you make quick decisions and do business with efficiency. The Fly is just such a feed – the news comes thick and fast, though admittedly not fast enough to catch sudden price changes. More on that later.

With The Fly, you will gain access to the most essential headlines in the stock trade business. In addition, you will get the latest regulatory filings, IPOs, M&A and earnings reports. The feed also tracks unordinary volume spikes and analyst ratings.

The Fly Cast – A Time Saver if Ever There Was One

The most recognizable feature of The Fly on the Wall is its audio tool, The Fly Cast. This is how it works, essentially. You are neck-deep in charts and numbers. There is little time to read the news parallel to doing this. So The Fly Cast gives you the latest news you need the very moment they are announced, via your headphones. This effectively saves you time from reading them out or having to look for them more actively by hand. An invaluable resource for a busy, successful stock trader.


When it comes to seeking out price changes, The Fly on the Wall works in perfect sync with Trade Ideas. The minute you notice a price spike, it takes less than a second to check any news about it. This is useful because as fast as The Fly is, it still cannot keep track with price changes to the second. In this regard, think of The Fly as the perfect assistance tool to other platforms such as Trade Ideas.

Package Prices

Now let’s talk money. You can choose one of two plan options – basic plan and full access. Both of those are available either on a monthly or a yearly basis. Let’s go with the full access plan first. For $65 a month, or $624 per year, you get The Fly with all of the features. These include Breaking news, On The Fly Page, all three calendars (Street Research, Syndicate, Events), the Fly Cast Audio, and up to twelve portfolios, or 1.800 stocks. With the basic plan, you can get Breaking News, On The Fly Page and one portfolio (up to 150 stocks) for a monthly fee of $35, or a yearly one of $336.

Granted, these can be intimidating for new traders, which is a bit of a flaw of the Fly. However, this is why you get a 14-day free trial, giving you enough time to either subscribe or choose not to.

So how does Fly On the Wall Stand?

There are admittedly a few hiccoughs with The Fly on the Wall. It’s not 100% real-time when it comes to the news, and newcomers might feel intimidated by it. However, these are both very minor issues. As a supplementary tool for an already existing stock tracker, The Fly is perfect for your trading needs. It has a set of tools that give you the best news in the shortest amount of time. The Fly Cast alone is the reason to subscribe because it saves you plenty of time, and time is money

Naturally, think well about the package you want to subscribe to. But you will most likely be satisfied during the trial 14 days alone, so a full access yearly plan will not be a decision you’ll regret. In short, the Fly on the Wall passes, with flying colors. Yes, pun intended.

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