Reviewing Watch Him Trade Live Trading Service

Subscribing to this service will allow the user to follow a stream of a pro trader. Essentially, with this service, you will receive real-time data regarding his trades.

Watch Him Trade subscription actually allows you to see real-time trading of Kevin Kleinman, the founder of the service.

Which services are offered?

You have two subscription options. The first is to pay $8.99 and be able to participate in the chatroom. However, the one we are way more interested in is the hundred dollar service. Well, $99.99 to be exact. For this monthly fee, you can subscribe and follow his daily tradings. And this is the service we will be reviewing. You can also opt to go through a trial run lasting 15 days for just 5 dollars.

Who is Kevin Kleinman?

The story of Kevin Kleinman is a rather typical one for a trader. He simply always had a desire to be a part of the market and as soon as he was old enough he did. He began trading as soon as he was allowed to open an account. After accruing quite a bit of experience he chose to become a day trader. He identifies trends and follows them to create gains for himself. In 2014 he made a decision to open a website.

The Main Page

As soon as you log in to your account you will be taken to this page. It is basically the news feed of the website. You will see the newest blog posts, the newest video tutorials and other materials he puts out. However, you will also be able to join the live stream from here if Kleinman is live. If he is not, there will be a line of red text to inform you of that. From the main page, it is rather simple to navigate to different functions of the website.

The Track Record (Gains and Losses)

Administrators of the website will regularly publish their reports regarding the gains. Every week you will be able to check the reports, even if he did not do well at all. This actually improves the credibility of the website and offers perfect transparency. You will be able to see every single trade from that week and learn from what he has done. While he does not make incredible profits from his day trading it is a good teaching tool.

The Chat

A lot of day trading services offer the chatroom as an option. Watch Him Trade is no exception. The chat could use a bit more of a polish regarding aesthetics but it does what it should. You can connect with other users and receive various tips. You will have, at your fingertips, a number of other traders working with you to identify trends. Just remember, no matter how sound an advice seems, it is you who makes your decisions.

So do not let the chat do your trading for you.

A very important fact is that the chat is a friendly environment. Not only are profanities strictly forbidden, but even gloating is frowned upon.

His Watch List

As we know, having the watch list is important when it comes to a subscription service such as this one.

Essentially, he will provide the information you might not have access to and you will be able to analyze that data yourself. This way, you do not have to mirror his trading, but will be able to make decisions of your own. He also sets his own predictions in terms of levels of resistance and support.

According to him, if a stock opens above his resistance level it is very likely to have an upward trend. And, inversely, if it is below his under number it should have a downward one.

The Video Education

The website offers video courses as option courses. There are six courses to take and they are pretty good. As you can imagine, for a novice trader, any source of knowledge is golden so these should come in handy. In fact, most other services would make you pay extra for those. The videos are very thorough and helpful. However, you will have to be ready to study as there is quite a bit to cover in them.


*The watch list offers an abundance of details

*Very Transparent



*Stream interface is not user-friendly

*Small trades

*Most of the time, Kleinman is only on for 4 hours


Whether or not this service fits you depends on your levels of skill and knowledge. It is a great choice for novices but it does not meet the requirements of traders with experience.



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