Lotto Black Book

Lotto Black BookEverybody who plays the lottery has the same dream: Winning! However, the chances that you experience a rags to riches story are smaller than you could ever imagine. Most people who play the lottery are inclined to think that winning the Jackpot is solely a matter of luck.

On the other hand, more daring thinkers, like math professor Larry Blair, consider that in o

rder to win the lottery you need to rely on a winning strategy. In this Lotto Black Book review you will find out how much of this method is truth and how much is plain bluff.

The Lotto Black Book

Lottery systems have been around for some time now, but none of them has actually proven its effectiveness. Nonetheless, professor Blair is convinced that his method will change people’s lives for good. He spent eight years studying lottery systems and eventually won million Dollar prizes three times.

Eventually he decided to share his knowledge with everybody who plays the lottery and, as a consequence, he wrote The Lotto Black Book. The text is easy to read and it contains many anecdotal facts. These anecdotes make it even more interesting.

As far as the method itself is concerned, opinions vary greatly. Some readers claim that the book is nothing but a scam, while others say that their lottery winnings have started to grow considerably. You will have to read it yourself and apply professor Larry Blair’s method to see what it will do for you.

When you read the Lotto Black Book, you will discover an interesting, new system that does not require you to have thorough knowledge in regards to mathematics and statistics. The only thing that you will need in order to be able to follow Blair’s method is a notebook or a journal. You will need that to follow the numbers.

In a nutshell, a few sheets of paper and a pen is all that is needed to fully understand what the book is about and how you can apply that advice and adapt it to your own circumstances. Professor Blair’s book suggests that you have to choose a particular type of lotto that you want to play. Once your decision is made, you will be taught how to keep track of the winning numbers and.

Last, but certainly not least, you will learn how to apply the formula that the book provides. This formula is the core of Blair’s work and it will enable you to figure out which sequence of numbers is most likely to help you win.larry-blair the lotto black book

Pros To Take Into Consideration

  1. Many people who bought and read the book started experiencing bigger lottery wins and there are dozens of reviews online that support this affirmation.
  2. Professor Blair’s system is easy to follow and it does not require you to have extensive mathematical knowledge.
  3. The system can be applied to any type of lottery game and as long as the game you choose is played constantly significant improvements will not take long to show up.
  4. Pen and paper is everything you need to fully understand and eventually make use of the method outlined in the Lotto Black Book.
  5. The system has the potential to make you the next success story that the press will write about.

Cons To Be Aware Of

  1. The book teaches you how to win the lottery, but it does not pay for tickets – that is your own expense.
  2. Once you understand the way it works, the method takes a few weeks to prove its effectiveness.
  3. The Lotto Black Book does not make any guarantee that you will actually win the next million Dollar Jackpot.

To sum up, professor Blair’s new lottery system is a must-have item for lottery players who have not yet figured out how to increase their winnings. In addition to that, the book comes with a two-month money-back guarantee, although Blair states that nobody will ask for a refund once they win the lottery.


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