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Forex trading is a very popular source of income currently, this is why developers by the dozens have created Automated Forex Trading Robots that aim to revolutionize the stock trading market. Having said that, these robots are not only highly efficient, but very easy to use as well. Forex Trading Robots are cost-effective as well, and they are ideal for expert traders who are highly active in the Forex niche, as they can help them maximize profits while minimizing losses. Forex Striker is the FIRST software of it’s kind to receive a U.S. Patent. Read on for the rest of our Forex Striker Review.Forex Striker

Did you know that the Foreign Exchange (Forex) trades more than $3 trillion on a daily basis? This is what makes this market one of the most convenient and blossoming platforms for traders. This is why it is essential to make good use of the available Forex tools in order to maximize the winning ratios – using the wrong tools can have the opposite effect! Take the Forex Striker Robot as an example, this is currently one of the most efficient and one of the most popular trading robots available currently, due to its useful features and functions.

Forex Striker is able to efficiently manage the changing market conditions, mainly in the US, and the algorithms of this advanced software react immediately to all the movements coming from the central banks, supra-national organizations as well as the national government. One of the main benefits of the Forex Striker Robot is that it can be used by both beginners and professionals in the field of Forex trading, as it is a comprehensive, easy-to-use software with automatic artificial intelligence. In other words, this robot is able to trade completely on its own, without any effort from you! Besides, the Forex Striker Robot is able to close the financial year in substantial profit, regardless of the recession and the worldwide economic situation.

If you are a trader and you invest, let’s say, $1000 in trading, the robot will only risk 3% of your account per trade! It must also be mentioned that around 70% of the trades made with Forex Striker Robot are positive and profitable, and the robot works perfectly in all the three main market segments (North American, Asian and European markets). Another important aspect regarding the Forex Striker Robot is that it is able to determine account balances in various national currencies, and it does not cause any liquidity issues whatsoever!

To ensure efficient control of memory overloads on all sorts of computers, the Forex Striker Robot uses simple yet highly efficient codes, therefore you can be sure the software is fully compatible with your computer. Moreover, the robot can also help when brokers have floating spreads that increase quickly – in this situation, the robot prevents them from being pushed into the negative.

If you are a professional Forex trader, then you know what an awful experience it is when you simply cannot close due to a sudden increase in the floating spread. If this has happened to you at least once, then you should know that the Forex Striker Robot can quickly and efficiently react to spread increases and it simply prevents opening of new trades until everything comes back to normal. This is possible thanks to the internal spread filter which monitors spread values on a constant basis and will let you know whenever a change occurs. Also, the on-chart message system will provide detailed information about the problem, what causes it and how to solve it quickly and efficiently.

Another benefit of this trading tool is that the installation is 100% hands-free, with no intervention from your part! In other words, you do not need to copy or transfer any files manually – the user-friendly installer will do everything on its own, and it is compatible with all Windows versions. Besides, it usually takes no more than several seconds for the installer to install Forex Striker Robot on your computer.

The robot is compatible with most trade issues, and it is completely compatible with the platform designed for multiple brokers. The robot is conflict-free, and it is compatible with both instant and market executions, while the 4-digit and 5-digit pricing is very simple for the Forex Striker Robots to work with. The US CFTC has recently introduced a new set of regulations regarding the maximal leverage, the hedging trade prohibition as well as the FIFO rules (which refers to the fact that trades must be closed in the very same order they were open). The Forex Striker Robot is fully compatible with all the above-mentioned restrictions, therefore there is nothing to be worried about!Forex Striker Robot Review Back Testing Yearly Summary

In addition, the robot also temporarily stops the SL/TP values and then forwards them to the broker’s execution venue exactly when it is the best time to close a trade. This way, the robot is fully compliant with the FIFO rules, as well as with the hedging trade prohibition. Besides, it also reverses the leverage limit to your best advantage. It is 100% safe to trade with the Forex Striker Robot!

If you trade with this robot, you will never find yourself in the bothersome situation where you simply cannot fill the open trades because of insufficient liquidities at time of opening/closing. The robot uses a day trading strategy which is highly efficient and ensures sufficient liquidities at all times, regardless of the financial market situation. Another important aspect is that the robot has strong anti-crash features and functions – the software gets restarted whenever your computer or broker experiences an Internet connection issue or a power outage. After it restarts, the robot will automatically recognize the open trades and will proceed with the trading as if nothing happened.

No matter if you trade currency pairs simultaneously, the robot won’t produce cumulative margin calsl on your trading account simply because the algorithms automatically adjust the lot size values of the trades. Besides, the robot will automatically adjust to the broker’s current time as well.

The anti-spike protection feature also plays a pivotal role when trading with Forex. In a nutshell, spikes refer to quick and unpredictable price jumps, and they can be a major problem for most traders. This is why brokers are required (both by law and by unwritten ethical rules) to immediately compensate traders for any losses that occur after these spikes. Even so, the trader must prove his loss before receiving the financial compensation, and this is a huge issue for those who trade automatically on a 24/5 basis. Having said that, the Forex Striker robot checks the SL/TP values constantly and prevents trades from closing when the prices jump quickly.

When it comes to Forex trading software, it must be mentioned that piracy is a common issue. However, the Forex Strike Robot has a built-in, anti-piracy feature that prevents hackers from duplicating or distributing the software illegally. The AuthCode is what lays at the basis of the anti-piracy feature: this code is assigned to every user when purchasing the software, and when the user enters the code, the software automatically compares it to the Forex Striker’s settings. If found compatible, the software will work. This way, you can be sure to benefit from 100% anti-piracy protection when using this trading robot!

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned features and benefits, investing in Forex Trading Robots is certainly a smart move for every trader. The robots available for launch are the Forex Striker, which trades EUR/USD and GBP/USD, and the Forex Striker Pro, which trades EUR/USD. Customers will benefit from reliable customer support and live chats, and both programs have provided amazing results over the past four years of testing. Basically, these robots act like backups for each other: when one robot takes a losing trade, the other one will compensate right away. Unlike most trading robots available on the market, the Forex Striker Robots do not require a massive initial investment to generate substantial profits. You can start with a minimal investment of $500-$1000 per instrument!Forex Striker Pro

Forex Striker is a reliable tool that is designed to be a long-term investment, and the user’s manual contains comprehensive and detailed information along with screenshots that will help you understand the basics of the product. Besides, you also get information about troubleshooting, FAQs as well as the automatic installer – as simple as that! Last but certainly not least, customers also benefit from fast, efficient and reliable customer care services.

The robot opens and closes trades automatically, it can stabilize trading in the Forex industry and help you generate more profit in the long run. For this reason, the robot can easily generate money without you having to assist it or monitor it, it involves very low risks and it will generate substantial profit in a very timely manner.

If you are a busy trader and you are looking for opportunities to maximize your profits, then Forex Striker Robot may be what you are looking for. This reliable and convenient trading tool provides new online income opportunities, minimizes the risks and maximizes the chances of making money with Forex. Even novice traders can use this robot in their best interest!

If you think about entering the Forex market for real, then the Forex Striker Robot is an indispensable tool that will generate money in the long haul. It is functional and practical, and it can be used regardless of the current market conditions. The features and functions of the Forex Striker Robot can efficiently manage market risks while increasing the returns. This is what makes this robot a very valuable asses to every Forex trader’s business!


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