The Complete APMEX Review

Discovering Precious Metals Investment with APMEX

If you are looking for a secure future after retirement and trying to grow your nest egg, investment in gold or other precious metals might be a wise decision for you. Currently, gold and silver bullion and coins are fast gaining popularity because many investors have grown their funds through such investments. These precious metals are truly dependable for retirement purposes and for long-term investment because they are not bound to go down in value tremendously and would not suddenly vanish into thin air unlike investment fads that promise big returns, but are very risky.

Getting to Know APMEX

Those who have been in the precious metals industry a long time know that APMEX is one of the biggest sources of the bullion, rounds, and coins which investors can purchase. These metals come from the US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint, and are inspected thoroughly before being delivered to customers. APMEX values quality very much and hence, employs a team of experts to ensure superior quality.


What Makes APMEX Admirable

APMEX is a trusted company in the industry that old and new investors often consider it for a Gold IRA or other similar investment. Many people appreciate the fact that APMEX has experts to ensure the quality of the precious metals. Besides, a lot of investors like the pricing that this particular company places on these metals. The rates are truly competitive with other companies and there are also no hidden or extra fees to worry about. Hence, even new investors can at least be assured that they can get their money’s worth and will not have to run too much risk or incur more expenditure in the process.

What’s even better is that the shipping is efficient, usually done within just a couple of business days.  If a customer purchase reaches $5,000 or more, then shipping costs are waived.

Customer Service

Another aspect that is considered a top priority by potential investors is customer service. Based on reports, APMEX excels in this regard as their customer service representatives are often very accommodating and helpful. They seem well-trained and are knowledgeable too. Whether a customer inquires by phone or email, the staff willingly and promptly responds. They are always available to lend a helping hand in case there are customers who get confused in navigating the website or have general questions

Many reports by reviewers have indicated that the customer service of APMEX is quite competent. Another plus point for them is the fact that there are additional offers or options from the company to help them get their shipments more faster or easier.

 A Fair Share of Negative Reviews

In the process of evaluating different companies that any intelligent investor may consider before investing in precious metals, an individual should be aware of the negative reviews as well. This is how he or she can weigh the pros and cons and know what to expect from the chosen company.

APMEX has received a lot of negative feedback from customers. One of the most common problems reported by customers is the shipping. Although the company promises to provide fast shipping at affordable rates, there are difficulties that arise and hinder delivery. Some have reported having to wait for many weeks, which had sometimes led to cancellations. A few people have also complained about the expensive cost of cancellation when, in fact, it is the company solely at fault.

Though a lot of individuals claim that APMEX has good customer service, it has also failed at times to attend the clients. There are those who have encountered representatives who seemed impolite and did not appear willing and able to help with the customers’ concerns.

There were also reports stating that returns on investment took a longer time than usual, as compared with more established and reputable companies like Regal Assets.

APMEX is, however, accredited with BBB which can at least give potential investors some peace of mind. On the other hand, the company has no BCA rating which should be taken into consideration too. It is not listed with a lot of established institutions that review different investment companies. In this light, more investors are likely to be cautious in investing with such a company because there are very few reviews done by trusted sources.


Overall, APMEX is a good investment company for those who want to grow their money with a Gold IRA or by buying and selling precious metals. However, the company is lacking in several aspects and not yet as systematic and highly recognized as other more established competitors. In choosing APMEX, it is pertinent that an investor does proper due diligence and conducts more research. It’s also good to seek the advice of financial and investment specialists in order to know the possible risks involved as well as the potential returns and benefits.

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