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Jason Bond PicksFor 10 years Jason Bond was an elementary school teacher. A few years ago he quit his job and became a full-time wall street trader. Jason is a swing trader, meaning, he only holds stocks for a few days or weeks at a time. He has made a fortune with this strategy and has a service to teach you how to trade like he does. Read further for our in-depth Jason Bond Picks Review.

Jason Bond Picks is ideal for people who are independent traders or who want to learn to become swing or day traders. Jason has created an amazing array of training videos to learn how to trade like he does. This is where his experience as an elementary teacher pays off. You can learn to trade just by watching these videos, without having any experience at all. All you need to start is an Etrade (or other online brokerage) account and a subscription to his service. At first glance the price seems high, but when you factor in a couple of things it actually seems rather low.

  • Jason actually trades the exact same trades as you do. He risks his own money up front, with you. Believe it or not, not all stock pick services do this.
  • There is an extensive chat / support community included with the service. This is worth the price many times over as there are active day/swing trades going on in chat that can make you THOUSANDS of dollars every day. At last count there were over 450 active traders in chat on daily basis.

Luke, the head day trader, is a master at day trading. It’s not easy to mirror his trades exactly, but you can be a very successful day trader by applying his mentoring.

Jason Bond Earnings

Both of these guys are willing to help if you are new to trading,

All of this for less than $100 a month. (There are 3 plans now starting at $297 every 3 months.)

If this isn’t enough check out this list of training videos you get to start with.

Like we said before, this service is perfect for people just getting started. There are even some small hedge funds following Jason! No joke.

But that’s not all. Jason has a well updated blog that he publishes picks and strategies to on a daily basis. We have personally seen gains of over 100% on the daily watch list he publishes.

In our opinion Jason Bond Picks is one of the best stock trading newsletters for the money. Other considerations are Investors Underground and Timothy Sykes.

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