GuruFocus Review – Pro Stock Picks and Portfolios

GuruFocus is a company that specializes in publishing, commentaries, research content, and the latest financial happenings around the world. A quick look reveals that it is an LLC based in Texas of the same name i.e. Simply put, it supplies articles and news as well as the hottest and latest tips in market and trading information.

GuruFocus was founded in 2014 by Dr. Charly Tian. It currently has a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Subscribers enjoy access to research tools as well as value strategies right from the creator of the platform. Value investing is a strategy that’s recognized the world over for gaining profits in the long term. Warren Buffet, who’s probably the greatest value investor ever, as stated that GuruFocus is a hub that’s involved in value investing research.

Dr. Charly Tian

GuruFocus Features

GuruFocus is often compared to services like The Motley Fool, but has several features that make it stand out from the rest. Upon opting-in, you can enjoy model portfolios for reference, trading data and inclusive ratios, updates in guru insider trading, and screening capacities wrapped in a premium, seamless interface. Customer support is exceptional and responds quickly as you would expect in a top company.

Gurufocus Site

Stock Screener

You will have access to Screeners within the GuruFocus platform, here users can choose what to add that could help them make better investment decisions. One of the greatest selling points of GuruFocus is that its interface is very easy to use and really intuitive. Other platforms show you a complicated screen that’s not easy to navigate, but GuruFocus manages to pack everything you are likely to need in a clean, sleek, and always responsive screen.

Users enjoy access to the Ben Graham Net Screener, the Buffet Munger Screener, and the All In One Screener, which are regarded as the best research tools in existence. It is one of the key things that investors constantly look at and should thus be optimized for quick viewing. Users of GuruFocus can use the Stock Screener for looking at Profitability, Growth, Price, Market Cap, Enterprise Value, Financial Strength, etc.

Traders and investors can access various securities that the top investors and traders in the world provide, including the Guru’s own stock picks. Each one is divided into 2 parts – Real Time Picks and Quarterly updates. The Real Time Picks include stock purchases made by gurus in the last 2 weeks while Quarterly Updates include complete portfolio updates as provided by the gurus.

Who are these gurus referred to here? The most notable names include George Soros, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffet, among others. The Picks help provide a detailed look into what is happening inside the stock industry’s brightest minds. GuruFocus even has useful features such as Consensus Picks and Guru Bargains to help you narrow down the list of the potential stocks you should consider buying.

Financial Data and Ratios

While you will find free stock research information that you can find online, GuruFocus is an all-in-one platform that can be used for extensive data, for the sheer number of ratios and stats involves as well as the excellent user interface that makes it easier to make important decisions. Simply put, you will have all the relevant information in a centralized location when it comes to value investing.

GuruFocus helps users do extensive research regarding particular companies and get specific information such as income, cash flow, equity, value, revenues, etc. You will also get the essential company ratio information such as bv/p, debt/equity among many others.

If you are considering a risky proposition, GuruFocus offers somewhat of a safety feature. It will inform you of any details you might need to know as well as the reasons why you need to do a double-take on the investment that you plan to get yourself into. Things such as a company’s revenue dropping significantly during the last fiscal year, decreasing operating income, debts, etc. will be shared to deter less-than-wise trading.

GuruFocus Model Portfolios

GuruFocus offers numerous portfolios that you can browse through depending on the parameters you set. You can use the portfolios as a rough guide for planning your own unique portfolio. Such can become somewhat useful particularly of you are into mechanical tricks. Experts say that a strong portfolio is capable of outperforming market trends at any particular time. As users continue following the model portfolio, they receive sound and proven strategies on historical profits down the line.

International Markets

You can use GuruFocus to gather trading information on the international markets too. It works great if you love investing in foreign stocks and will present you with a wealth of data compared to the limited ones in other platforms. What’s more, the same Screening interface and research tools can be applied to stocks in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Filtering by county is an option too.

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