Moomoo Review

Moomoo is a popular mobile-friendly trading app that includes markets around the globe for all your investments. The user interface isn’t great but Moomoo makes up for it with diverse markets and a professional feel. It’s like the non-crypto version of Robinhood but with more markets available.

Advanced trading features including stop orders and trailing stops Support for over 30000 stocks Utilise a Watchlist to keep track of all your favourite shares Uses live quotes to show how much a stock is worth Real time charts allowing you to see how your favourite stocks are performing in real time

Mobile Trading with Moomoo is as easy as they come. Simply download the app, enter you login details and start trading. The layout of the website isn’t too confusing and it’s really easy to navigate. However, there have been a few complaints from users that think that the UI could use some improvement as well as reports of lag at peak times.

Regardless if it’s day or night the watchlist feature allows you to keep an eye on how all your investments are doing in one place. With this feature added into Moomoo you will never need to go onto multiple websites just to check how your shares are doing ever again! 

Another great feature is how simple it is to use the Moomoo app. There isn’t much of a learning curve and upon signing up you can start trading in less than 5 minutes! For more experienced investors, Moomoo offers many advanced features such as stop orders, trailing stops and setting quick price alerts using the “Price Alerts” tab on your portfolio.

The simplicity of the mobile app hasn’t come with any loss in functionality, if anything trading on the go has been made better by how well each feature has been implemented throughout the application. With 106 market pairs available within Moomoo – how could you ever find yourself bored? A full range of markets are available from around the globe offering tradable assets that range from major commodities to physical assets.

Moomoo is packed with features that make it a serious contender for the best trading app on the market right now. If you are looking to start investing in stocks and shares then Moomoo could be your best friend int he world of investments! 

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