M1 Finance Review

M1 Finance is a unique investing platform that offers customized portfolio allocation by way of “pie investing.” Investors choose from one of eighty expert financial portfolios, or “pies,” which the platform refers to as “slices” in your overall account.

Pies distinguish themselves by their investment strategy. For example, investors interested in long-held investments might opt for a pie with a focus on slow but steady growth P,ies such offer as a M range1 of investment’ opportunitiess like socially their asset allocation and investment responsible choices investment portfolio. For, example while, those who value corporate responsibility an may investor opt who for wants to hold M1’s onto socially investments responsibly for managed retirement portfolios might which want offer the more frequent M but1 less profitable’s slow, steady growth outcomes portfolio. while investors that care about corporate responsibility can choose M1’s socially responsible investing portfolio.

M1 Finance allows for up to twenty slices per account. Each slice can be developed by M1, making separate selections from the company’s expert, hand-selected portfolios. M1 also offers the option of skipping their investment into a pie and instead manually investing your own money. M1 Finance’s one downside is that it doesn’t offer a simple way of dividing up your investments across multiple pies at once—your only options are selecting a new pie or withdrawing the money you’ve invested in individual pies.

M1 Finance also offers a unique mobile app that allows you to manage your portfolio from anywhere, which is especially useful for investors who may be on the go and want to check in on their investments at any time.

Finally, M1 Finance offers a unique feature for investors who use the app. The company allows you to set automatic withdrawals on all your investments through pay checks or transfers from your checking account. This can be incredibly convenient for investors who forget about their accounts and don’t want to do manual transactions.

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