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Lotto Master FormulaThere is no dearth of lottery strategies on the internet and it can be difficult to determine which one is reliable and really effective. The Lotto Master Formula, developed by Mr Garry G based on his own experience and research, claims to use the numbers itself to our advantage. The reason for its success is that the formula does not depend on just luck but on logical permutation and combination of numbers. This results in you winning tens of thousands of dollars by spending only a tiny fraction of that amount, no matter where you live.

Key features

The Lotto Master Formula works on three levels to be a success:
First, adopt the strategy created by Garry through his personal trial and errors and research conducted over the past many years.
Second, implement the formula and the other related strategies that will help you choose the right numbers for optimum success.
Third, stick to the formula with a focused mindset, even though initially in some cases it may seem to be counterproductive.


The formula, the associated strategies, technological tools and inside knowledge of the lottery system are all available in the form of an eBook which you can download from the official website of the Lotto Master Formula. The introductory offer is $150 but the cost of the eBook has been further reduced to $97 for a limited period. Secure and convenient payment options are available in the form of credit cards or through PayPal.


Lotto Master Formula is for those who want to make the odds work for them in a simple and legal manner. All you have to do is learn and use the formula to pick the winning numbers. It claims to have 78.9% accuracy for small winnings and 66.2% for jackpot. We will have to take their word for it, as no additional information is provided on these figures.
But since you will also get hints, tips and a general understanding of how the lottery scheme works with the advancement in today’s technology, it is a good deal.

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